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Application development

  with JavaScript, Flex, and AIR

This is simply a collection of online resources related to JavaScript applications development.

This collection of JS appdev resources is a bit of a grab bag, some resources for noobs, some more advanced, and there are some links to useful tools here as well (e.g. to test screen capabilities, to test media query support, etc.)

JavaScript language

General JavaScript dev ("ecosystem")

Standards and browser support

  • Check for browser support for a feature at caniuse.com
  • Here's a mobile HTML5 compatibility table that tells you which standards each major mobile browser actually supports
  • See if a feature is ready to use or if you should steer clear of it, find good polyfills, get links to good resources on a feature, and more at html5please.com
  • Read the standards in all their glory at w3.org/TR
  • here is an annotated ECMAScript 5.1 specification
  • Kangax maintains a compatibility table for different ECMAScript versions


Front-end development




Some screen check tools

Tools for querying screen capabilities:


You can't create web applications without a solid knowledge of both HTML and CSS, so here are some related links:

  • Mozilla has a very nice intro to the DOM, which itself has useful links
  • If you are doing CSS for mobile you need to understand media queries, here is the W3C spec
  • For CSS you might find some of these CSS guidelines useful

Browser-based developer tools

For some links on Browser-based developer tools for application debugging, optimizing, analyzing (so, we're talking about things like Firebug and Chrome devtools) see my post on Browser-based devtools

JS Web applications, Single Page Applications (SPA)

For links related to js web appdev see my primers on this topic, especially Part 2 which is loaded with useful links

Flex/AIR certification logo


JavaScript appdev primers

General JavaScript

SPA Demo Application

Backbone Demo Application

Recommended sites


Flex/AIR primers

Flex demo apps

all require Flash Player!

AIR mobile dev


SAS Introduction